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Our Services

Some of our services we offer

Enterprise Style
Wi-Fi Systems
Phone Systems
Network Servers
Web-based intranet systems

Enterprise style Wi-Fi Systems 
We install professional Wi-Fi systems which can be installed into residential and commercial properties.
Features include: seamless roaming between access points, cloud/ remote management, separate Guest access network etc.

Phone Systems
We install small to medium sized IP PBX's & Gate intercoms. Our Phone system features include:
Mobile Extensions, Retrofit, Scalabilty, Lower costs etc. 


Network Servers
We predominantly install servers in Apple Macintosh environments. Features include: Centralised user databases, VPN services, DNS, File Sharing etc.

Web Intranet Design
We are now offering professional Web intranet systems for companies that are looking at having an intranet or looking to upgrade their current one.


Pig Hotelier

Our Latest system designed to help Hoteliers organsise breakfast.


What does it do?

Pig Hotelier is a system that helps Hoteliers that collect their guests breakfasts on the day or the night before. It will then send a message to the Kitchen letting them prepare.


How can it help me?

Gone of the days of writing down Guest's orders in the evening, now you can just enter it straight in on your computer; time, options and custom requests etc.  
Pig Hotelier is a developing platfrom and we are open to custom developments/ features ideas to suit different needs. 



We have a hosted version of Pig Hotelier, with packages starting from £19 per month. However, If a customised verison is what your after, it is recomended that you have a locally installed version. 


How do I get started?

The best way to get started with Pig Hotelier is by going to the website and filling out our contact form.