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PSC Companion

Welcome to the PSC Companion. This is an app and website developed by a student to make it easier for students to access their timetable and other college resources, on a mobile friendly layout.



View your timetable & student data 
PSC companion links with the College data systems to pull your timetable and student info, so you can see them. 

Share your timetable with your friends 
A unique feature of the PSC Companion is the ability to share your timetable with your friends. This allows them to see when you are free to go to Tesco. Alternatively, if they have shared theirs with you you can see when they are free.


Find free rooms and thier timetables 
PSC Companions allows you to search for free rooms across the 6th Form College site, so you can find a free room to do some work in something like one of your study periods.

Notices and College sites 
We understand that unless you are logged into a college computer it is more difficult to find the current student notices. So we have integrated student notices right into the launch page in PSC Companion to make it even easier to access.


The App
Yes, that's right. We have an app for you to use with all the functionality of the normal web version, but in an integrated form right on your phone. Currently, the app is in BETA form at the moment and is only available for iPhone users at the moment.
To get access to the app you will need to request access by clicking the button below. This will redirect you to the PSC data service to validate you are a student then you will be sent an email with a link to access the TestFlight beta.

[IN THE WORKS]  Train recomendations
To make your life easier after a full day at College, wouldn't it be easier to just be recommended which train to get to home. The way it works is that it looks at your last scheduled lesson and will then do a search with Network Rail for the next train. NOTE: This will only work direct routes at the moments.


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